Spray Foam Insulation Websites - Introduction
How many marbles do I bring?
Your territory will tell us

Using the examples provided in the previous section (Costs), we can reasonably predict how much traffic a given territory will produce.   Still, there are a few unknowns to consider:
What we recommend
Start slow and build up Marketing Budget Strategy

Until we actually build the campaigns for a specific area and launch them, we do not know what volume a specific city/county will produce.  

We suggest starting a campaign at 50% of its anticipated potential.  

For example, if your proposed territory has 1 million people, and we anticipate 10 clicks a day average volume, we suggest starting the campaign with a 5 click per day limit to get our feet wet and monitor the leads.   We start with cherry-picked keywords and let the clicks mature giving the consumers time to call after window shopping.

Once good leads start coming in and producing jobs, it is good practice to bump up the limits a little each week to see what the territory has to offer.   Within 90 days, we both should be confident and comfortable enough to set the daily/monthly budget with authority.

The Rule
Wasting business is bad business

Once it is determined what an area will produce in click volume, we strongly suggest that a contractor not fall below 50% of the potential.    There are a number of reasons for this:
The Recession
Everybody is in the same boat

There is an old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.   These times are certainly interesting.   We understand this and know that, at times, budgets will have to be scaled back. Marketing Budgets - How to measure success

Your budget can be changed every single week if you desire.   Agility and flexibility are the center of our marketing philosophy.  

Neither success nor profitability are measured by the week, they can only be measured by the steady growth of a well run company.