Marketing Communications - Being Connected
Marketing Communications - Being Connected
Information is Power In this Information Age, you hear catchphrases like "getting Marketing Communications - Information is Power connected" or "staying connected".

We cannot stress enough, the importance of having state of the art communications when you are spending hard-earned dollars to bring new clients to your company.

Technology has made it very inexpensive to not only get connected, but to stay connected.

We offer the latest technologies free to you, so that you can have the tools necessary to respond faster and more effectively to the clients, and, even better manage your information and crews to eliminate communications from slipping through the cracks.

Information is Vital
Email Communications

Marketing Communications - Email Communications For example, let's say a potential customer fills out the contact form on your website while they are searching for a qualified contractor to bid a new spray foam project.   Let's also say you are the second company they have "contacted" this morning, so far.

Your competitor likely checks their email at the end of the day when they get back to the office or home, but you get your emails immediately on your phone.   You then immediately call or email that client back letting them know you want their business and are ready to serve, as professionals do.

Now that the consumer has made contact with a responsive contractor, they are not likely to continue searching for another contractor to ask their questions.   Your competitor on the other hand, after waiting till the next day to call the lead back, is wondering why they are not returning his call.

We both know why.   He does not.

Email as a tool Email as an Effective Tool

Not only can we send the website emails to your phone, we can send them to many phones and computers, all at the same time, automatically.   This keeps you and your entire organization connected effortlessly, thus, eliminating the possibility of good leads slipping through the cracks and costing you growth.

Information is Control
Telephone Communications

We supply a toll-free telephone number free of charge for each website we build.   We do this for many important reasons:
Information is Growth
Timing is Everything

Enough cannot be said about being able to take a clients website call while driving between jobs, or replying in minutes to their email while on a jobsite.

Remember, at that moment, they are thinking about insulation, worrying about insulation, and wanting answers about insulation.

The Proof is in the Pudding
Today, these types of communications are so important for success, that we provide it to you for free.

When we say, "we do not succeed unless you succeed", we actually put our money where our mouth is.