Spray Foam Insulation Websites - Introduction
Marketing Costs - What to Expect
Our charges are simple

We charge a flat $3.00 per visitor from a paid ad click.

That means simply, when a person searching the Internet for Insulation clicks on one of our ads for a marketing campaign, and visits the website, we charge for that click/visitor. That's the only thing you pay for.

Below is a list of what you do not pay for:
How much will it cost Me?
It's all about Territory

The single biggest determining factor in how much a marketing campaign will cost, is the size of the territory.   Size is not the geographic size of the territory, but the demographic size (population / home ownership).

Below, are some real world examples of three territories and the clicks per day they generate.   You can use these examples to get a reasonably accurate forecast of what your area/territory would generate in clicks/leads.

Small Territory
Auburn, Alabama (Metro) Insulation Marketing Costs - Small Territory
Medium Territory
Nashville, Tennessee (Davidson County) Insulation Marketing Costs - Medium Territory
Large Territory
Chicago, Illinois (City) Insulation Marketing Costs - Large Territory
The Bottom Line
Trends you can (almost) count on

The three examples above tell us many things about what to expect with territories of various sizes.   As with anything, there is no perfect guess since each town is different and has it own variables.   Listed below are the trends that hold true better than 80% of the time:
What's Best?

There is no best.   Though it initially appears that small and medium sized towns perform better, over the long haul, large cities bring the most money for your dollar (ROI).

Large cities may not get as many leads per click, thus making the initial cost per click much higher, but, much larger jobs more than make up the difference when all is said and done.

The Bottom, Bottom Line
The Real Dollars

Our contractors report an average overall cost of 2.5% of revenues for their Internet marketing campaigns.   That translates to $250.00 marketing dollars spent for every $10,000.00 of spray foam jobs completed that the websites brought in.

Seriously, don't take our word for it.