Spray Foam Insulation Websites - Introduction
FAQ's about marketing with Foam America Green

How can I have more than one website? If your main business is in your home market area and another city is close enough for your crews to reach, then you could market in that city with another website.
How many cities do you currently market? Currently, we are marketing in 118 cities.
How do I start the process of getting a website from you? Easy. Either fill out our contact form on this website or call our number listed on the bottom right hand side.
How can I tell if my competition is advertising on the internet in my city? Go to Google.com and, when their search engine opens, type "spray foam" or "insulation" and see what ads, if any, appear on the top and right (sponsored) side of the first page.
I do not get e-mails on my phone and do not use Microsoft Outlook. Can you help with this initial setup? Yes. We can assist you with installation, configuration and testing for all your computers and phones, no charge.
What if I also want to market in one of the cities that you currently manage? Can I do that? Sorry, but we are definitely first come, first served and only place one of our sites in any given market. You can inquire about the surrounding areas to that city and if available, we could set up website(s) there for you. The areas 'between' cities usually have large numbers of custom homes.