Spray Foam Insulation Websites - Introduction
What they look like
A slice of the geographical pie

Marketing Territory Map The image to the right is an actual representation of marketing campaigns we are running in the Greater North Georgia Area.   The different objects (circles, squares, rectangles) represent marketing campaigns and the different colors represent different contracting companies.  

This map shows 5 different contractors and 10 marketing campaigns.   As you can see by the map, some contractors chose to have multiple territories.

Big Differences
The circle for Atlanta, Georgia and Augusta, Georgia encompass approximately the same square miles.   The Atlanta campaign has 7 times the traffic and leads.   This is primarily due to the population difference, but other factors such as construction and home ownership demographics are very important also.  

Shapes and Demographics

Depending on the area desired and whether we have another contractor marketing near you, are just a couple of factors that determine how we slice you area(s).  

Consumers are very territorial when it comes to calling a service company to their location to do work.   This is the main reason we keep territories manageable in size and run multiple campaigns for a contractor.   If a consumer is located in Savannah, Georgia for example, and finds an insulation website in Atlanta or even Augusta, that consumer is not likely going to call that contractor for a bid.   Consumers want to feel comfortable that a contractor can respond quickly to the bid, the initial work, and possibly a callback to correct something later.  

How big is big?

Generally speaking, your website and campaign should be within a 1 hour drive of the consumers location.   In high density areas, that would be much smaller because in some areas, you can cross 2 states in an hour.   In very low density areas, 3 hours may even be acceptable.